The amazing origins of artisan bread,

A history of artisan bread

When you learn the story of bread, you reach far back into history and discover the fascinating evolution of a food that is now universal.

Heir to an ancient tradition

Bread has a long and storied past, from its beginnings in the Middle East six thousand years ago, via the Ancient Greeks, who perfected it in their ovens, to Pasteur’s experiments with yeast in the 19th century, to the Industrial Revolution and the automation of the modern age.

Today, bread remains ubiquitous in our lives and on our tables. Thanks to artisan bakers such as the team at Au Pain Doré, who are dedicated to reviving the genuine methods and quality of traditional breadmaking, one of our favourite foods is rediscovering its roots and regaining its glory.

Artisans and a time-honoured art

Origine breads by Au Pain Doré are crafted by artisan bakers who are dedicated to keeping alive the finest breadmaking traditions of Old Europe.

Origine breads are the product of a long kneading process, extended fermentation and baking in a traditional oven, to bring you the quality and incomparable taste of a bread created by genuine artisans.